Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A year across the globe

While it feels like yesterday when I packed my bags and headed to the airport with mixed feelings, the pages on the calender flipped by faster than I thought they would. While I stood anxiously in the queue to get into the US Consulte at Chennai and felt time had frozen, little did I know then that time also knew how to fly by in the blink of an eye.

Yes, its been one year since I was lifted away from my comfortable orbit of home and work. I almost felt like Neil Armstrong then... taking a big leap and all! But like most of you said, "Everything will be fine"... I must assure you, you were right!!

And yet again on this day when I go out and smell the fresh air of spring I get a little wary, of how this 'land of opportunities' tore me away from all the opportunities I once had. I had thought I would miss being a working woman. Of course I do... who won't want to hear the ruffling of hard earned notes each time you open your wallet? But just when I was thinking that way, something about my life as a home maker here taught me to recognize opportunities. I realized that perhaps this was a welcome break to persue all that I wanted to do in my 'free' time. To gain time with myself, to relax and to enjoy.

America has taught me a lot. From being independant in doing all the chores on my own (Yes multitasking at its heights - If you think you are a Software Engineer, America knows how to turn you into a Dhobi in no less than one week of your stay) being a dependant wife (Oh, that is why they call the Visa Dependant .. now I know). But when I honestly gave this a thought it seemed quite paradoxical, considering women are the support system of any home. Ok ok lets not dwell into the gender war now!!

While America taught me the D-I-Y ethic (Yes... that is Do It Yourself..I did not mispell die *wink*) it also taught me that life is'nt all about work. Yeah, Im sure you can bet by all those photos I sent you. I did have a good time trotting around places as and when my husband would get a long weekend off.

Apart from all of this its been fun to learn and appreciate the differences in culture and environment. Ive learnt to accept a smile and a hello from a passerby without having to take a quick trip down memory lane looking for that person. Ive learnt to thank nature for the wonderful weather Bangalore has while I put on huge woollen coats to guard me against the minus twenty somethings that the mercury plummets to in winters. Ive learnt that America does something to you that makes you want to learn more history & geography of its 50 states while you dont even know as much about your neighboring state in India. Ive learnt that America can give you a tool to do almost any chore without breaking a sweat and then provide you with umpteen number of diet options. But in all this Ive learnt that no matter how much value a Dollar holds, a few Rupees can bring you a lot more joy (Yes I miss the pani puri walas.) Hehehe!

Im sure at the end of this Ive left you wondering whether Im enjoying my stay here or craving for home.... I will leave that for you to figure out, for how else will we remain in touch?

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Where is home...?

We set out on this journey - a long, monotonous one...most often than not, not knowing where we'd go and what we'd do. This one's specially for those of us who move away from a place we call home most of our lives and suddenly find ourselves transported to another land... to be called home again!

Never realised things would change so drastically.. one day you are on your own land, free to BE! The next day you need papers to establish the fact that you are physically present on a foreign land... though you are so clearly visible to the eye, unlike ethereal entities! We summon courage and moral support from all near and dear, to take a step away from home to set up a new life, and gain meaning and direction to what goals we have. Travel across the seas... to another place, and technically speaking another time too.

Its not an easy task, and no I'm not talking about all the documentation and zillions of papers you will find piling up in ur file when you are preparing to travel... Im talking about all the emotional and mental upheavals one goes through. And suddenly, you are there... The place where many only dream of going to.. Abroad!!

You get seasoned to the new ways and culture and language. Be it 10, 20 or 30 years since you left home, you still long for that warm smile your mother gave you when you got your first job. You still yearn to drive up to that old building that was once the house you lived in, though you have a home in which you had your children and now thier families thrive. Where is home?

You get torn apart, this world and that... this life and that... And one fine day you decide to take another step .. this time backwards. Back home.

Walking up the lane towards your home, you feel like a complete stranger with people's eyes poring through your very skin.. asking you.. Who are you? You force a smile and greet them telling your name, and that you lived here.. years ago. Memories suddenly seemed washed away from thier faces... Obviously, this was another generation .. the one you missed living with.

Tons of photographs of you in places abroad propped in the best of frames embellish the walls... as if waiting to be garlanded. Where is home.....?

Friday, August 18, 2006

..Conk goes KANK!

Hmmm.. Its been sometime since I last wrote a film review, but with KANK I cud not stop myself from writing one...
Well not the movie amazed me so much when I watched it last night but because I was wondering what happened to Karan Johar!

The promos hyped the flick to such an extent that the media called it the most awaited movie of 2006! Thanks to the big names in the movie... I personally liked just two scenes in particular... One where Kajol n John make their appearances and the other being of course all of Big B's notorious scenes!! Performances of Abhishek, Rani and Preity are worth apllauding but SRK seems to have lost his charm in this one...

The story line is such that would probably sell more in the US than in India... When Indian audiences found it hard to digest the concept in Salaam Namaste, this flick with intense extra-marital affairs is gonna be tough on the toungue itself!

I am personally a fan of all the glitz and glamor that Dharma Productions usually has to offer... No... Thankfully this one dint fail in that... In fact the movie seemed more like a fashion parade showcasing Fall-Winter collection by Manish Malhotra.

I cud not keep myself from yawning every now and then.. In the inital part of the movie, Karan has tried to rub in a little humour, but as the story unfolds...umm.. Those of you who are used to having sleeping pills..forget them for one night.... this one's for you!

So if your game for some real BIG TIME sob story go right away with your pack of kleenex and a pillow, to a nearest theatre to watch CONK... ooopppss... KANK!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

For A Special Friend!

Along the path of life

I never knew...

I’d come across a person

As special as you…

When life seemed to lead me through its monotonous ways

I never knew there would be someone who would brighten by days…

Some people enter your life

And you know they were meant to be

The one person you will always cherish


Thursday, March 10, 2005

A few moments in the life of a woman...

6:45am - Wake up

7:00am - Start the day at the kitchen

7:40am - Breakfast and Lunch, ready

7:45am – Get ready for work

8:15am – Gulp down the breakfast

8:30am – Off to work

9:00am – At Office checking the day’s schedule

10:00am – Short break and some chit chat with co-workers

11:00am – Meeting

12:45 – Lunch

Now do you really want me to complete this? Typical!! How typical is this to all of women?

This probably applies to more of married women, considering the cooking part. For the single women I guess u can edit that part out.

Life for women can be quite complex…with all the roles a woman plays! After decades of being shut indoors as a housewife, the woman today has marched up abreast with the man of today in very less time indeed!

For me life was, has and will remain hectic. Why? Simple. I choose to work till I can! Right from days out of college I’ve been involved in jobs. And yes then came marriage…

Life does a total round about turn when this stage comes for most of us. Luckily I have quiet supportive in-laws who said its better to work. But was it in indeed that simple?? Managing work and home seemed simple till I realized how much my mum in law, who also works as a school teacher contributed to the home.

Then I began cursing the IT industry for having us totally drained out by the end of the day. That became an excuse to not work at home for a while. Then again when I saw my mum in law work so much after her hectic day with kids at school and I thought it was all in the mind.

The next day onwards I told myself work is ‘work’ at office. The work at home is a responsibility and the more you enjoy that, the more you bind your family together. Since then there has been no stopping. There have been rough times but then still after almost two years of marriage, I’ve learnt to manage both work and family equally well.

So women, it’s all the head… All you need to do is give yourself the motivation to keep your home and work going smooth… even if that costs a nice little relaxing pedicure and a rich chocolate ice cream for yourself... It’s worth it!